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A Tale of Brexit

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I’ll tell you a tale of Brexit
As happened in twenty nineteen
When Brits chose to be an island
And Parl’ment got as mad as we’ve seen

‘Twas Cameron that started it all
When he chose to give people their say
Then he upped and quit and departed
When the vote didn’t go the right way

The Referendum was back in sixteen
When the choice was just “In” or “out”
But with lots of misinformation
From both sides on what it’s about

For “Remain” it was all very simple
Just “stay as we are” they said
But “Leave” were not at all certain
On what it was they all want-ed

Some yearned for “Splendid Isolation”
Some almost wanted to stay
With either a full Customs Union
Or like Canada or Norway

Most of these possible options
Would mean EU rules still apply
With a significant annual payment
Leaving people wondering “why” ?

Some admitted to voting “Leave”
As a protest only they said
They didn’t think “Remain” would have lost
When it did they were most surprise-ed

So into this mess stepped Theresa
Needing bigger majority
So we all got to vote yet again
Another election ‘twould be

The outcome was not what she wanted
Leaving even less on her side
To keep the Tories in driving seat
On DUP now she relied

So now a Remainer called May
With EU in talks must decide
On terms for us leaving the Union
With no ‘greement in her own side

The Irish border was really the crunch
“Open” all said it should stay
But without staying in the Union
Nobody could see a clear way

Corbyn and Labour objected
To all that Theresa she tried
With no sign of other suggestions
But then so did half her own side

Then Queen did something unusual
“Consensus” she said not “hate”
That’s the most sense that we’ve heard
From anyone in this debate

So where do we all now stand ?
With just sixty days left to go
And what will be final outcome ?
About that no-one does know

EU and May have agreed
On one set of terms so they say
But Westminster refuses to back
Moving forward quite in that way

It’s possible Westminster may vote
To agree with no Irish backstop
But Brussels say they will refuse
That clause from agreement to drop

So without material breakthrough
Or cancelling Article 50
Or agreeing to extend the deadline
Crashing out with no deal it could be

And that could bring hard Irish border
That everyone wants not to see
And that’s the only thing in this story
On which everyone seems to agree

What’s needed at this time of crisis
From tribes red, green, orange and blue
For once is to put country before party
If from this mess we’re to pull through

If politicians don’t start to compromise
And with Queen on consensus agree
Then up s**t creek without paddle
Is where we all shortly will be !