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Bawling and bellowing, Baby Brexit
Boasts – he is blooming and bound for Blighty:
A brat bred at the behest of
Boris the Bully and the bigwig bosses at the
Brexecutive Bigotry Board.

Brazen and barefaced, their behaviour becomes them…
Bloodless, besuited bandits.
Brush off the Nigel barrage* of barmy
Broadcasts, and blank the bluster and bluff –
Believe this: that their
Barefaced bollocks and backbench brawling bears no
Benevolent boon to the British body**.

It’s bona fide baloney,
Broached by Baby Brexit’s Bamp***:
The blue-tied, bourgeois big-head
(Bygone beau of Pig Head****)
Braced his brainless bet and
Brought on bedlam. His business is buried.

A brutish baby, Brexit will beget a bounty of
Bad blood between brothers,
Breaking the British brood into
Baleful, bitter binaries,
Both bands bewildered.

But, behold, the ballad of the Brextremist
Blares with bolder brashness,
Bolstered in its bileful bombast…
“Bloody Bulgarians”.

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