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Beauty Resides Inside You


The style of fashion changes over time.
At times it’s the less you cover,
The more you blossom.
The more attacking souls towards you,
You blossom.
But that doesn’t change the souls.
The attacking souls.
They become more curious.
So the more you go with fashion,
Less you have faith in your body.
Because the eyes won’t stop,
But you will feel more,
Away from the reality.
Away from the truth that,
Cloth never measured beauty!
Never in the first place.
Beauty lies in the small things,
You me him her they we
Seem to ignore.
Beauty lies in smiling when someone looks at you.
Beauty lies in being humble.
Beauty lies in feeling the pain of a stranger.
Beauty lies in being beautiful.
Beauty lies in all of us.
Beauty lies but it never lied.