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Brexiters in Parliament Square

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Black crows swooping low on me
A cautionary caw
The rattle cackle magpie
Dark things that flit the shade

Britain sighs
Riven shrill with hate,
Determined to misrepresent
Manipulated, bent

Rule Britannia on a gaudy stage
Pensioners do the shuffle
Fishwife faces, bulldog leashes
“BBC betrayal”

Never poke a snake they say
Let tired dogs have their rest
Ask a stupid question
If you want a daft reply

‘Allo, bonsoir the Far Right French
Are here to cheer along
Well meaning but misguided Brits
Hijacked by those plain wrong

Oh save us, save our country Lord
In this our hour of dumb
Bandage up and cool us down
I fear for what’s to come

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