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Brussels’ Clout

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Trying to leave the EU, wanting to get out
Only highlights the extent of Brussels’ clout
Their fear is others may also want to go
Not a seed they would want to sow
As this could be the slippery slope to their demise
Hence putting up barriers to deals is of no surprise
And so they have made it difficult to escape
Tying everything up in lots of red tape.

It’s sad when a country whose past over an Empire reigned
Finds its wishes to leave the EU so easily restrained
Almost an affront to the ‘Great’ in the title of Britain
So not surprising if many in the UK are no longer EU smitten
All this not helped by home politicians in-fighting and lack of unity
Rather than working closely together for the good of the whole community
If only Brussels would deal and stop raising doubts
And concentrate of what they are good at – growing sprouts!

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