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The stars that witnessed my birth, burn.

The night that announced my inception to the cruelty of men, burn.

Let the voices that chorused my name shrink

Oh! How I wish I had died in there, unable to see the awful dawn.

There I was, covered in my maternal blood, blood of innocence.

Helplessly, I watched with bloody eyes, those vampires draw from her tender blood.

Then the carcass was left to the vultures.

Hear me Oh earth, for I bring against you a petition.

You are drunk with the blood of innocence.

You are as greedy as the tortoise. You have taken more than you have given.

Listen you heavens, why do you send us rain only to bring famine in a hurry?

From your very quiver, we have feasted with death and drank the fiery cup of hunger.

Cursed is the Herald of hope.

Let everything that gives light disappear.

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