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E = md2

The monster groaned and asked for more
Propaganda, food for thought
Democracy was its name
Dictatorship its clever game

To the vote now, cos we’re not so sure
If reason is so right no more
It’s our right to vote, so let’s all vote
We could pick a side and rock the boat

Equations, hmmm, not our speciality
But put us down, put us down for D

But wait those mathematicians plea
It’s C, not D, it’s surely C!
Baaah, we voted and it’s not you see
It’s plainly D, we’ve asked democracy

‘Experts’, back, whence you came
Politically correct, that’s much more sane

So goodbye friends across the sea
We march now, to our destiny…

Onwards, onwards, to the Abyss!
Hoist our banners of democracy
Nothing can stop us now

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