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Farrage Balloon

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Balloon of limp form and bluster
Noxious container, lighter-than-air
It’s attack, just to drown-out opposition
Real people impact, it waves away care

Back again to re-stuff its pockets
Still complaining its just-not-British-made
Still happy to nab jolly-foreigners doggy bag
The DeliverEU, monthly index-linked wage

There are no policies, just sound-bitten anger
The strategy, ‘get out of there’
While hedge-fund-friends make millions
The real people cost, is never ever made clear

‘We must deliver The Peoples Brexit!’
His mantra, his chant, c’est le délire
Yet he still happily pockets The Euros
Assured his children can ride deutsche fahrräder

With interviews that don’t give any answers
The response to shout media bias! unfair! unfair!
People still follow this empty suitcase
Leather shiny, attractive, trompeur-trompeur

So if we have to sever our euro-ties
To sail off to a slack free-market lagoon
Balloons OK, voting to keep its EU pension
The DeliverEU, forever, pension wage

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