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Each day my skin is-more translucent
Matched by a new suit, blacker than the last
I lick at breakfast fat that drips off my tongue
Angry at any sweat that dares to mar my smarm

I have reeked my dole money changes
On those that have dared to refuse no-work
I have disabled those that have been un-abled
And those that can’t, are dead, need now embalmed

I have rent apart social welfare
All admin now efficiently US-sourced
The needy can now use the food banks
I have constricted their too easy cash resource

My next step is now curtailing any freedom
To move, to stay, do, say or will
The UK will be our new Singapore
We once created it, we need to take our fill!

With workers now dis-united
No unions to stop efficiency unshod
Soft taxes, unnoticed, just keep them angry
All anxiety directed, where, for minorities good

EU tax haven laws could make me sweat
But dislocated by the promised-land, Euro-break
Planned ever-enduring low taxes for the one percent
The 99 now working for the greater good sake

So off to another public broadcast radio intercession
political balance guaranteed, to lie with no intervention!
Ah, the daily script delivered, the same, the same, repetition
The masses will be a-quiver, their anxiety fed, anger delivered a direction

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