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I’ve Had My Fill Of It

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Here is the nub of it
I’ve had my fill of it
I don’t want to talk of it
Not even one little bit
‘Cause I’d tell you where
you should be shoving it
And I feel like I am losing it
But there’s no place for avoiding it
On the news they’re nit-picking it
And our leaders hair-splittin it
Whilst many are for dumping it
And others for keeping it
Many more are bored of it
So I will whisper this little bit
Before it wrecks it
Lets get over this *****it
(Please don’t kick me on the shin)
Let’s take it on the chin
Face one another with a grin
Let me hug you like a twin
Like they did in Berlin
(When the wall fell in)
And have a full on love-in
I’m in

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