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Like Everytime


Like everytime i sit down to write,
A poem, a story or a song.
I do not know what happens inside,
I do not know what is wrong.

It has been days since I’ve written anything
I ask myself “Will i lose it too like everything?”
I dropped my pen down, threw empty papers around
All in vain,
I failed, I failed and I failed again.

I grabbed up my guitar trying to make it play,
But with what my fingers cuddled endless nights,
Today did not know what to say.
I sat a while hugging tightly my six-string,
My babe wept silently as it was unable to sing.

I picked up my phone, i got a text.
“Darling it has been long,
Since you have played and i have sang a song.
It has been days since you’ve written anything new,
Did you give up after getting rejected from a few?”

I could not answer that, i could not talk.
I had a headache and i needed a walk.
My eyes fell on my father’s picture in a frame
The one-legged swimmer had earned medals and fame.

Beneath the frame was a line that said,
“Don’t cry if you have faded away,
Don’t cry if you have lost once more.
The road is still much long to end soon,
It will not take much to waste one shot more.”

I looked at the line, then at my unreplied text,
I grabbed my guitar, I grabbed my pen,
I don’t know how, i knew my reply
And what to do next.