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Look there’s the moon up the sky
Shining among the stars with great destiny
Giving light to the Night Travellers
Who has forgotten the way; it’s not fair.

Up the sky shines she
Where one can’t reach climbing the tallest tree
She’s beautiful of all the Night
Which can’t ever be missed from my sight.

There she shines so Bright
Enriching the Earth in the darkest Nights
I have felt her giving the light
Which God has given for the blind’s sight.

Far different along the Earth
Her beauty is seen through many hearts
Her beauty makes a smiless face
Filled up rich in Fortune’s grace.

Her richness in her beauty she shares to all
She becomes fainter with the rise of dawn
Until the sun rises in the East
She stays with us at least.

She saves us from the demon
Who awaits in the darkness storm
Her light warns us to be gone
As it’s she or none.

She is beautiful yet shy
Never does she rule the sky
She shares the sky with the twinkling stars
Which lie beyond the distant far.

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