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Maybe I’m a Quitter

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Maybe I am a quitter
But I didn’t give up on life
I toll all through the day to keep food on my plate
And end up in tears every night
Hunger was the fire, peace was the wood
I had one but the other went missing
Wonder if I ever could
End up seeing my daughter smile
Her mother and she look alike
Only difference is one falls asleep even in pain
Other one stays up the whole night
Poverty is my best friend
Education is the demon on the other end
And it’s the year she’ll be in college
But her semester will remain unpaid
And I hope my daughter crosses her teen years being unraped

But one year when it rained
Through general labor
I became the major
All the hard work paved the way
From being the cause of pain, I became my family’s saviour
But I still fall to God
And I will remain grateful forever
Guess how an underdwag made it to mainstream
Every pain was the reason I picked the pen
And they became a story
Once they doubted and were judgemental
Called me potentially mental
And now my daughter figuring it out
Showing me to those who now applaud
Now everyone can be a hero
But I guess we have to be villains first
Start by drawing a perfect zero
Consider it as a face, and draw the smile

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