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To Whom It May Concern

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Tribute is to be heard, loudly and unhindered
As my myriad voice is voting for thanks
In honouring person preceded by His reputation
His entire being is dedicated to plight,
Plights of humanity, plights of the poorest
For He is the God gift to the world

He suffered a threat to his life, physical assault of such an insult.
But he declared “lets forgive and forget”
The man standing as watchman, remaining probably the most admired.
For He is a respected figure on this planet earth
Towering over His beloved nation
He who takes pity on those in backwardness
Striving to facilitate progress

The consensus man, A Beacon of humanity.
The leader who held it all together
He who is a life In which things cohere
His virtue is more than any kind of imperiousness
Since His message echoing across the world
“There shall no longer be oppression of one by another”

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