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What If The World Unites

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What if the world unites
Hatred will lose its humongous value
Selfishness will die in striking solitude
Our night will be addressed as daylight
For gloom never will cause us doom
Heaven will cast upon us,stares of jealousy
Celestial bodies will wish to resign their duties
Mama will roll her wrapper peacefully
While offering her offspring mirthful smiles
Papa will crown his cap unperturbed
Walking the heart of town undisturbed
No room will be allocated for chaos
No space, be given for weighing woes
We, in safety sip our sultry soup
And lay our heads I’m serene tranquility
Ears shall cease to hear smearing sounds
Sounds so strange that strangle souls

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1 comment

Evance Kabowa May 26, 2019 - 2:24 am

Very brilliant poem more specially for us Africans


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