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Where Has Common Sense Gone?

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What’s happening to the World that was once so full of hope?
Where simplicity prevailed and evolutionary goodness had scope.
Man and Nature existed together in relative peace and harmony,
Where belief in God had some influence over emerging acrimony
And for a while kept some control over Man’s overall destiny.
After all, history has shown that Man is his own worst enemy.

Instead of potential goodness and happiness that evolution offered,
It has been seeded with misuse and corruption, and so it suffered.
Man’s development and intelligence too often used for adversity
Instead of improving the environment, it has resulted in perversity.
This has the real potential to totally destroy life and cause extinction
Instead of the good that could have been achieved with distinction.

You just have to look at the state of the environment and our wildlife
To see the senseless destruction, as if by the use of a mad man’s knife
Climate change, pollution and endangered species are a few examples
Of Man’s selfishness and stupidity; surely these are more than ample
To make politicians from all around the world sit up and take heed
And start the reparative measures that the World’s survival needs.

The current state of the world clearly shows lessons have not been learnt
From past history, where wars and tyrants only destroyed and burnt
The good that Man had within and left only ashes and carnage as memories
Nowadays, not helped by being right or left-wing, within strict boundaries
Political Correctness and Tweets are they really helpful in modern politics?
Politicians need to use common sense, logic, sincerity and forget the tricks!